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People in Need of Help SHAMING

I find it very interesting that someone can shame somebody for experiencing a hardship. I am so tired of people trying to shame me for asking for help three times during my online experience during a pandemic. You individuals are pieces of crap and will suffer for all of the shaming you have given to me. I have made tens of thousands of dollars from my online career. I have donated 1/4 of my earnings back to my community because if it wasn't for my community I wouldn't have had the opportunities I had.

You do understand that life happens. And you also understand that I was able to successfully care for my household for three plus years prior to the bullying and harassment? I am without words for the self ignorance that is within our very own community. The lack of empathy causes me to have no empathy for you at all. So the next time you come to me and ask me to use my platform for any law that passed, overturned laws, social justice and anything for my community, it will not happen. My help stops today.

Just like you think everything is only about you, this is about me. I have sacrificed my wholesome platform to fight for justice and not secure the bag to fight for humanity. Now humanity can kick rocks. Love lives in my heart no more. I am going to do a Vampire Diaries on all of you and completely shut down my emotions If you fail, you fail because you choose to fail. If we go back 50 years in time, that is not my place or concern. I will just rise in life and online.


Written by: Coy Bundy

June 25, 2022

Social Justice Black TikTok has turned into a shit show. Everyone is fighting to try to get to the top. Stepping on the heads of black women and men to rise to the top of TikTok. Life on TikTok is not the same In Real Life. They have delusional mindsets and are highly paranoid. If a man is on probation and he was told not to leave the state, he stopped abiding by the law when he left the state.

It is not right for people to report false allegations. However, there is a black man that harassed and mass reported people online. Those victims had every right to report the man to try to get him to stop. If you know that you are on probation, you know the system doesn’t care that you do good deeds. The system will put you in jail. So do not give them the reason to put you back in jail. Live right. Follow the rules. Abide by the law.

There are thirty and thirty-two year old black men attacking black women in their 40’s. Lying on them and saying they are groomers and lying. These men lead millions and hundreds of thousands on the TikTok app. They lead children, young adults and older people. They cause mobs of black, white, and different people of color to attack innocent black women who are already struggling in white America.

They are the accountability community that refuses to take accountability for their very own actions. They are scared of constructive criticism. They are afraid of failure. The weakest links in the black community are these men. Anyone in the black community that cannot be better by facing the fact that some people will not agree with them is the most dangerous. If you cannot best someone with facts, it is not okay to win the debate with lies. A person who cannot lose with grace cannot win with dignity. Growth is needed in this particular community on TikTok.

I ask myself everyday, what are you willing to do to get famous? To get the verification check mark. Do you honestly even know how to attain the verification? You want to be famous while burning down the black community. Throw the entire community of social justice TikTok away. It’s a complete joke. Social Justice Black TikTok has turned into a shit show.

Written By: Coy Bundy

June 28, 2022

I’m sitting here listening to a white passing allegedly middle eastern man and a woman who says they are not black but is afro-indigenous on a live stream speaking with a black man and woman. The white passing man and alleged afro-indigenous woman (that’s not black) are in this live stream giving the address of the black man.

The black man uses his platform to discuss black issues on TikTok and the non-black individuals are continuously speaking in black matters. The black man asked the non black man if he was black. After 10 minutes the non black man said he was not black and asked what the point was. The black man said “why are you constantly in black people business?” The non black man said “Why are you in middle eastern business and asking about my life?”

I actually laughed at this because the non black man is only being discussed because he is in black business constantly. The non black man is completely disrespectful to black women on the app. Now, let’s discuss the not black afro-indigenous woman.

She just told the black man F him and his daughter. Called him a b-tch and proceeded to say he was a (garden) hoe. The non black afro-indigenous woman has been fighting with black women for almost two years because she has been appropriating black culture on the TikTok app. The black women has went so far as to display the non black afro-indigenous woman’s birth certificate they received from her sister. I won’t lie, she does look like she has some minority race in her because of her features. Rachel Dolezal has many minority features as well. Let’s end this review by discussing Rachel.

Rachel Dolezal also lived her life as a non black woman pretending to be an afro-American woman. Now Rachel is saying that you can be “trans-racial”. The only other people I ever heard say this statement are the people in the live stream with the black man right now.

In conclusion, BIPOC means Black Indigenous People of Color. I believe that people of color should stay in their own lane when it comes to making individual groups accountable for their actions. It is extremely triggering to listen to people that are white passing allegedly minority groups to attack, dox and degrade black people. This also goes for black people insulting other BIPOC communities. Do better. Be better.